C5 X7 Windscreen Wiper Motor Removal

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C5 X7 Windscreen Wiper Motor Removal

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This guide is for removal of the C5 X7 Windscreen Motors

This procedure will be necessary if replacing the Master or Slave motors when they start acting crazy. There is an ECU contained in each wiper Motor. The master ECU on the driver side controls the slave ECU on the passenger side. It is important to diagnose the wiper ECUs first with Diagbox, before deciding which of the wiper motors is at fault - because the one acting up may not be the faulty one if it is getting incorrect data sent form the opposite ECU.

Recommended Tool
X7 Wiper A.PNG
[1] windscreen wiper arm removal tool (-).1371-C.

Prior to starting follow the BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure to disconnect the battery. This will allow the data networks to sleep and also prevent the wipers from moving during this operation, which they can do when the engine is off if there is a malfunction.

Windscreen Wiper Arms
X7 Wiper B.PNG
X7 Wiper C.PNG
  • The nuts (1)
  • The windscreen wiper arms (2), using tool [1]
  • Unclip the scuttle grille (1) (at "a"), using trim removal tools.
  • Remove the scuttle grill (1).
Screen wiper mechanism (left & right)
X7 Wiper D.PNG
X7 Wiper E.PNG
Remove: The bolts (3) (Screen wiper mechanism (4)).
Detach: The screen wiper mechanism (4).
Disconnect the connector (at "a").
Remove: The screen wiper mechanism (4).
X7 Wiper F.PNG
Follow the battery reconnect part of the BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure

CAUTION: Before tightening the windscreen wiper arms (2), operate the wipers (3)
Place the wipers control in the off position.

Switch off the ignition.

CAUTION: Fit the windscreen wiper arms (2) (In accordance with the marks on the windscreen "b").

Proceed in the reverse order to removal.

  • The bolts (3) to 0.8 da.Nm
  • The nuts (1) to 2.4 m.daN
Check that the electrical equipment is working correctly.

Refit the scuttle in reverse order to removal